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Katie G. posted a blog post
Obama has finally announced his executive order on immigration, but there's good news: Congress can overturn it. It's been done before. While defunding is complicated and impeachment would take too long, the executive order can be immediately overtu…
GOP 2016 hopefuls react to Obama’s executive order on immigration via American Liberty PAC
They all knew it was coming, but Barack Obama’s Thursday night speech announcing the details of his executive order on immigration has sent a shockwave throughout the Republican Party. Movers and shakers within the GOP all have an opinion on the…
Jim Webb launches exploratory committee for presidential run via American Liberty PAC
Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) announced Wednesday via YouTube video that he has assembled an exploratory committee for a presidential bid: “I learned long ago on the battlefields of Vietnam that in a crisis, there is no substitute for clear-eyed…
Cruz urges Senate to block Obama nominees until he gives up on executive amnesty via American Liberty PAC
With Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration announcement looming, those opposed in Washington have been frantically throwing out their ideas on how to best prevent the order. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Wednesday evening urged the House to…
Rand Paul urges House to sue Obama over executive action on immigration via American Liberty PAC
Wednesday night Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) suggested that the House of Representatives pass a resolution opposing Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, thus setting up a lawsuit against him: “What I would recommend to the House is, they should…
Major TV networks snub Obama’s amnesty declaration, say it’s ‘overtly political’ via American Liberty PAC
Hoping to watch Obama’s prime time immigration address on ABC, CBS, Fox, or NBC? Too bad — those networks won’t be airing his speech. Politico is reporting that the decision was made due to the “overtly political” nature of the address: BROADCAST…
Did Tom Steyer pay $74 million to shut down Keystone? via American Liberty PAC
Green billionaire Tom Steyer spent  $74 million worth on campaign funding making him the 2014 elections’ single biggest public spender. Until yesterday everyone believed he had wasted his money. NextGen Climate, Steyer’s PAC doled out nearly $67…
Poll: Nearly half of Americans are opposed to executive action on immigration via American Liberty PAC
NBC and the Wall Street Journal released a new poll Wednesday showing that nearly half of all Americans are opposed to Barack Obama using executive privilege to enact immigration reform: Forty-eight percent oppose Obama taking executive action on…