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Mrs.Abiola Bawuah is now a member of Liberty Movement HQ
Apr 18
MSNBC host owes IRS $70,000 via American Liberty PAC

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, she of the tampon earrings who believes American tourists are a “plague” on other countries, owes the IRS some money. “Some” meaning $70,000: The Internal Revenue Service has placed a tax lien on Melissa…

Apr 17
Gwyneth Paltrow FAILS food stamp challenge via American Liberty PAC

Gwyneth Paltrow, the consciously uncoupled Hollywood actress who desires to give Barack Obama “all of the power,” recently attempted to take celebrity chef Mario Batali’s food stamp challenge, which encourages privileged people to live on a $29…

Apr 17
Country star Tim McGraw tries to explain why he’s headlining gun control fundraiser via American Liberty PAC

Country musicians are among the last people on Earth anyone would ever expect to advocate gun control. Yet Tim McGraw, one of the biggest country music superstars out there, is headlining a concert in Hartford, Conn. on July 17 for Sandy Hook…

Apr 17
Hillary Clinton drove past elderly people in wheelchairs waiting to meet her via American Liberty PAC

Hillary Clinton wants to meet “everyday Americans” — so long as they’re cherry-picked and properly vetted beforehand. If Clinton really wanted to meet some everyday Americans, maybe she shouldn’t have driven right by the wheelchair-bound elderly…

Apr 17
White House fence now new and improved with iron spikes! via American Liberty PAC

White House fence-jumpers have been an embarrassing problem for the Secret Service in recent years, so much so that back in November 2014 Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) actually suggested installing a moat around the residence. Alas, that idea didn’t…

Apr 17
IRS commissioner admits Obamacare is making filing taxes more confusing via American Liberty PAC

The IRS has had a lot of customer service issues this year, which commissioner John Koskinen has blamed on budget cuts. However, on Wednesday — tax day, incidentally — he admitted to members of Congress that Obamacare is likely the actual…

Apr 16
Paul, Cruz, Rubio are ‘the real deal,’ says Club for Growth via American Liberty PAC

Every election cycle, Club for Growth, an organization committed to cutting taxes and promoting conservative economic policies, releases detailed evaluations of each GOP hopeful’s economic record. On Thursday, the organization released white…

Apr 16